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Young Economist

A Gangster Has Many Faces Anthony Dick 12/23/2008
UC-Berkeley economist Edward Miguel explores how corruption and violence keep certain countries mired in poverty.
Where Credit Is Due Anthony Dick 07/23/2008
Stanford economist Jonathan Levin began investigating subprime lending in 2004—before it became front-page news.
Looking for the Virtuous Cycle Laura Vanderkam 07/01/2008
Esther Duflo and her MIT colleagues are waging a war on poverty.
Cracking the CEO Pay Puzzle Laura Vanderkam 03/06/2008
Why has executive compensation exploded in recent years? New York University’s Xavier Gabaix gives one answer.
Graft Paper Michael Moynihan 02/11/2008
The economics of assassination might surprise you as much as they did Harvard's Ben Olken.
The Theorist Caren Chesler 12/05/2007
MIT’s Iván Werning uses theoretical models to find the best economic policies on estate taxes and unemployment insurance, writes CAREN CHESLER.
The Experimenter Caren Chesler 10/01/2007
At 28, Berkeley economist Raj Chetty aligns theories with real-world facts, leading him to surprising conclusions on taxes, investing, and welfare.
No Hesitations Caren Chesler 07/16/2007
A child of violence and poverty, ROLAND FRYER of Harvard goes where other economists fear to tread.
A Bettor World Caren Chesler 05/25/2007
Once apprenticed to a bookie, Justin Wolfers of Wharton now draws economic insight from the behavior of gamblers.
Young Economist Lizbeth Scordo 04/02/2007
Kate Bundorf is a doctor with an unusual patient: America’s healthcare economy.